Peter Marshall exploring Dun Aonghasa, Inishmore, Ireland

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Peter B. Marshall
I am a freelance photographer specializing in evocative travel imagery and owner of Marshall Ikonography, a fine art print and stock photography business registered in 2004. My home base is in Ottawa, Canada, but I capture detailed and beautiful images from around the world. Recently we've travelled to Canada's East coast, Edmonton, Jasper and Vancouver, the Azores, Spain, France, Quintana Roo and the Yucatan in Mexico. In 2009 Marshall Ikonography branched out to form a contract industrial and event photography arm.
            Marshall Ikonography images are sold through this site and Alamy Inc. in Oxford, England. These stock images are used to illustrate educational text books, travel brochures, guidebooks and many magazines. Private collections in the UK, Turkey, USA, Canada and the Bahamas include fine art prints from my portfolio.
            Before returning to full time photography, I worked in the research and education sector specializing in high speed computer networking. Between 1998 and 2007 I was the Director of Network Applications at CANARIE Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario where I helped facilitate research and development of IP-based, high-resolution video conferencing systems, digital audio/video capture & distribution, and other high-speed networking applications using CANARIE's research and education network.
            Previous to my move to Ottawa in 1998, I was the Manager of Research and Instructional Services in the Information Technology Services department at The University of Western Ontario where I gently helped introduce network-enabled applications for instruction and learning. A series of positions in computing services at Western preceeded this last one. If you go back far enough you'll find that my first job, at what was then the UWO Computing Center, was as an computer operator during the summer of 1974. In between, I obtained a BSc and MSc in Computer Science at UWO, was instrumental in building the UWO campus & Ontario (ONet) internets and helped define UWO Web services.
            In the mid-70's Marshall Ikonography got its name and informal start as a highschool prom photography business.

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