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The Image Showcase is an expanding collection of themed, self-contained photographic shows. All of the images that form the shows are available as fine art prints, just note down the image number (usually two numbers separated by an underscore, occasionly a few letters too!) and follow the instructions on our ordering page. The shows are presented with the newest ones first:

  1. Thumbs up: Construction worker in the heat, Tulum, Q.Roo, Mexico, Feb 2016

    ©2016 Marshall Ikonography

    Yucatan Portraits: Over the last few years we've often spent a couple or three weeks based in Tulum during the depths of an Ottawa winter. This showcase highlights casual and environmental portraits of some of the people that we encountered on those trips.
    While Tulum is in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo we often ventured into the nearby state of Yucatan. As both states share the Yucatan Peninsula our title denotes images of people encountered from both parts of the peninsula.
    Not so strangely, there seems to be an overwhelming number in this collection that have a strong connection to food! Sampling the special foods of a region is a good part of our love of travel.

  2. Rose birthday tribute at 9/11 Memorial, Dec 2014

    ©2014 Marshall Ikonography

    December in Manhattan: In early December just as Christmas is getting into full swing in New York City we went for a short mid-week visit to see a city that we haven't been to since before 9/11. For this trip we experimented with travelling by train (from Albany) and renting a Airbnb apartment in preparation for a longer trip when the weather warms up a bit. The apartment provided a cost-effective base for our operations. And the train proved to be a stress-free way to glide into the heart of the city. Both will be on our agenda for the next trip.
    The weather was mostly wet, but that didn't put a damper on our explorations mostly by foot all over the southern part of Manhattan. We even had a chance do do a little geneological sluthing. By visiting the city archives we discovered where Peter's Great-Great-Grandfather, a ship's captian who had arrived sick in NY but died shortly after coming ashore in 1880, was buried.
    The short dark late autumn days meant that the Olympus EM-5's IBIS and excellent high ISO performance got a solid workout.

  3. Vienna Rathaus, Dec 2012

    ©2012 Marshall Ikonography

    Austria: 12 days in December: Just in time for Christmas, a fine selection of images from our visit to Austria last December. We explored Vienna in the East and travelled through Melk on the Danube and on to Salzberg and Hallstatt in the mountainous West of Austria over a twelve day period. We've never tried a European trip in the winter before but we enjoyed this visit immensely, especially meeting up with old friends. The days are short, but the evening lights are bright as the Austrians go all out with celebrations and Christkindlmarkts during the Advent. And Vienna's cold is hardly a match for Ottawa, especially this year!

  4. Big Horn Ram, Aug 2012

    ©2012 Marshall Ikonography

    Jasper, Alberta 2012: After a heavy wedding schedule (one in Toronto and another in Edmonton) last summer we took a short break to visit the Rocky Mountains in Jasper National Park. It was mid-week in early August. The perfect time to day-hike the Wilcox pass and just enjoy the awe inspiring scenery. I decided to travel light and took my new lightweight camera kit based on the excellent Olympus OM-D EM5. I especially enjoyed the OM-D's superior image stabilization and a very sharp Olympus 45mm lens made crisper by the camera's weak anti-aliasing filter.

  5. Calla Lily, Apr 2009

    ©2009 Marshall Ikonography

    Poster Series: To celebrate the addition of prints up to 24x36 inches to our fine art print lineup, we've made a selection of images suitable for large sized printing. (We're hoping to be offer even larger sizes in the future.) The detail in these images can be stunning. When an image is transferred to canvas cloth and wrapped on a lightweight frame, it makes an easily hung and beautiful art piece that will compliment any decor.

  6. Verdant Valley, Waimea Canyon, Kaua'i, HI, USA, Nov 2010

    ©2010 Marshall Ikonography

    Kaua'i Land and Sea: This showcase highlights landscapes and seascapes from the magical island of Kaua'i. This is one of the older and more eroded Hawai'ian islands and a favourite for filmmakers for years. It is a fantastic and varied land. We've included images from the deep red canyons of Waimea, the lush jungle choked mountain sides, cliffs that plunge into the sea, the bright greens of the watery taro fields and the wide sweep of its sandy beaches. Kaua'i is truely a feast for all of the senses. We'll be back!

    The default showcase uses the animated (flash-based) system that we first tried here on Sacred Places below but we've also included a simple HTML-based version that should work with any browser (including iPads).

  7. Columns and Rear Stained Glass, Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire, UK, May 2010

    ©2010 Marshall Ikonography

    Sacred Places, England 2010: Images of churches, cathedrals and other holy spots in Southern England. The images are selected from our volcanic-ash-cloud-delayed trip to London and the Southwest in the spring of 2010. I'm experimenting with a new animated slide show presentation for these images.

  8. Travertine Pools, Pamukkale, Turkey, Oct 2007

    ©2007 Marshall Ikonography

    Turkish Treasures: These are the images from our first short print run book: a small twenty page volume produced by PhotoInPress. This is the introduction from the font cover flap:
    During the autumn of 2007 Peter Marshall and Colleen Bretzlaff toured and photographed a few of the historic and natural treasures of Turkey found in the city of Istanbul, around the Aegean Region in the west and throughout Cappadocia in the Central Anatolia Region. All the photographs in this volume are available for sale as fine art prints or for licence. For details see
    On the back flap we thanked our hosts:
    Merhaba! Heartfelt thanks to our hostess Gül Göktepe, a special friend of Colleen's since 1980. Gül and her two sons Mete and Alp, either in person or via mobile phone, made our visit to Turkey both memorable and full of extraordinary experiences. They made us part of the family for many Ramazan traditions and the very tasty Seker Bayrami holiday that followed. Gül efficiently mobilized her extensive network of family and friends to ensure that we were always comfortable and welcome. Wherever we travelled,we were touched by the friendly charm and genuine warmth of the Turkish people. Tesekkürler!

  9. Mowed Field with Utilities, Northern Ireland, Sept 2008

    ©2008 Marshall Ikonography

    Irish Landscapes 2008: These lovely landscape images are from an extended trip that we took to Ireland during the fall of 2008. The images capture just some of the beautiful light for which Ireland is famous. For this trip we decided to put some emphasis on capturing images the wonderful landscapes of the island. In this collection, both single frame and multi-frame stitched photographs are included and this small showcase includes some of my favourite landscape images from the 2008 Ireland visit. Each one will reveal an extraordinary amount of detail (much more than is available in the showcase version) when printed at the 12"x18" size and in the future to even larger sizes. Six of the images were featured in the RA Photo Club's slide showcase on January 13, 2009.

  10. Stretch on Tulum Beach, Tulum, Mexico, Jan 2008

    ©2008 Marshall Ikonography

    Mexico Print Candidates: This is selection of colourful images from our winter trip to the Yucatan Penninsula. In January we travelled mostly around the town of Tulum in the South end of the state of Quintana Roo but also enjoyed a fruitful visit north into the State Yucatan and the old colonial city of Valladolid. The photos include sunny beach scenes, Mayan ruins, colour filled street portraits and otherworldly cenotes from above and below the surface. Each photograph was chosen as a suitable source for printing and framing.

  11. House on the Strand: Skagan, Jutland, Denmark, June 2007

    ©2007 Marshall Ikonography

    Denmark Dreams: A series of monochrome images of Denmark all enfused with the foggy glow of the Orton technique that serves to highlight the special light that we experienced to this northerly country during our visit in the spring of 2007. These images show best as large prints on paper, but this short showcase should give you a a feel for these slightly other-worldly images.

  12. ©2007 Marshall Ikonography

    Turks: One of the joys of travelling in Turkey is photographing the people. I found them all very friendly and quite willing to let a photographer into their life. My minimal Turkish language skills -- merhaba/hello and photo? -- and a smile were the main ingredients. This short sequence for the RA Photo Club's December 2007 Slide Showcase consists of six images of people from Anatolia -- basically the rural parts of Turkey that we visited during October of 2007.

  13. ©2007 Marshall Ikonography

    Looking Up in Istanbul: Some of the most interesting architecture in Istanbul puts a great strain on your neck. Looking Up is a collection of images of a some exquisitely decorated domes and ceilings of the churches, mosques and palaces of that great city. They are massive, high, full of light and artfully covered with intricate designs using both frescoe and mosaic. Much of the art in the buildings that were once churches (now museums) were covered until fairly recently since it offended the accepted religion. The covering probably saved some of them from the deterioration of the ages.

  14. Hagia Sophia: A series of five images from the interior of this massive and magnificent church-mosque-museum that formed my contribution to the November 2007 Slide Showcase at the RA Photo Club.

  15. Giant Tree Ferns, Volcano, Hawaii, Sept 2005

    ©2005 Marshall Ikonography

    Nature 2006: Every year the members of the Nature Group of the RA Photo Club put together a presentation of slides taken in nature over the past year. Select the photo on the left to view my (slightly augmented) contribution. The images are primarily from the big island of Hawaii where the tropical east side is a nature paradise. I've also included a few shots from around Ottawa as well as a couple from a trip to Banff.

  16. Future Vision, Seattle, Nov 2005

    ©2005 Marshall Ikonography

    Experience Music Project: This is the web version of a show exhibited exhibited at the RA Photo Club in February 2006. They are images from a November 2005 trip to Seattle where I photographed the Frank Gehry designed Experience Music Project museum building and its surroundings. I loved the colours, the curves and the reflections. It was a fairly quiet place on a weekday afternoon in November and a very neat place to walk around. The image at the right will take you to an extended web version of the showcase. Enjoy!

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