Ordering Prints from Marshall Ikonography

  1. You'll have to unambiguiously identify the image that you're interested in purchasing. When browsing a showcase, the the image's reference identifier is included in the caption below the image. It will usually be a 6 digit date, an underscore and a 4 digit image number (i.e. 080631_4432), but for older images it could take on one of the following 3 forms: b33.24, IMG_3423 or DSCN4938. In the portfolio, similar identifiers will pop-up as the first item in the bubble when you pass your mouse over the selected image. Note these names (and optionally any title information) to help in the ordering process.
  2. Pick an image size and determine whether you'd like the image mounted and the colour of the frame (black or silver). Available image sizes are listed in the pricelist below.
  3. Send an email to peter at
marshall-ikonography.com specifying the image's reference number and the size required. Within two working days (usually faster) you'll get a response with a final price and an estimated time for delivery.

FYI: We're hoping to streamline this process in the future with an online ordering system.

Marshall Ikonography Price List

Product Approx. Print Size Mount Size Print Only (1st copy) Print Only (2nd, 3rd, 4th, copies) Print and Mount Print+Mount (2nd, 3rd, 4th,...) Print+Mount +Frame Print+Mount +Frame (2nd, 3rd, ...)

Framed Print 5x7 8x10 $52 $26 $74 $41 $100 $66
Framed Print 7x10 11x14 $88 $44 $123 $71 $158 $107
Framed Print 8x12 14x18 $110 $55 $141 $78 $185 $122
Framed Print 10x14 16x20 $156 $78 $202 $115 $242 $155
Framed Print 12x18 18x24 $179 $89 $231 $132 $284 $186

Plaque Mounted Print 24x36 24x36 $95 $48 $186 $120

Deep Plaque Mounted Print 24x36 24x36 $95 $48 $200 $134

Canvas Transfer for framing 24x36 24x36 $95 $48 $256 $190

Canvas Transfer wrap 24x36 22x34 $95 $48 $298 $232

Due to cropping constraints, all sizes and thus prices are approximate. Note that sales tax (HST) is not charged or collected by Marshall Ikonography . The prices listed are inclusive of standard shipping to North America. There will be a surcharge for other locations. Unmounted prints, mounted prints, plaque mounted prints and canvas mounted prints can be shipped anywhere, but framed prints can only be delivered in the Ottawa, Canada region.

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