Male wood duck floating on Mud Lake, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, April 2018

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Travel Photography and Fine Art Prints

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Marshall Ikonography specializes travel stock photography and in fine art photographic prints from Peter B. Marshall's ever-growing and eclectic photograph archive.

Marshall Ikonography also provides Event and Industrial Photography services.


Please explore the following collections of Marshall Ikonography images:

        Image Showcase -- an eclectic collection of recent images organized by theme
        Portfolio -- an archive of older images


2018-05-22:We're back on-line again. We've been having some DNS troubles getting our domain moved to a new provider. We're not quite there yet so futher glitches might still be down the road for the next little while.
2018-01-08:We've moved! The website's official address is now and we're being hosted by the Google cloud. We'll gradually re-direct and wind down the other web sites. Our new Marshall Ikonography email address is
2016-10-02: Google Custom Search replaces our local web site search since the old one was failing and not nearly as smart. Also some minor optimizations for small (phone-sized) screens.
2016-09-26: Finally, a new showcase has been added after a year's hiatus. See the new Yucatan Portraits showcase now!
2016-09-16: We now have over 5000 images on sale at Alamy. The slightly health delayed images from the very green Azorian island of Săo Miguel finally put us over the top.
2016-03-30: We're finally getting a few of the images from February's last minute Mexican trip to Q.Roo and Yucatán up on Alamy, just before we start our Azorian adventure. A showcase will have to wait.
2015-02-03: The New York showcase December in Manhattan is ready.
2015-02-01: The little memorial rose reminds us of our recent December whirlwind visit to New York City. More...

Purchasing Prints

Fine art prints from the photographs that make up our showcase and portfolio can be purchased. Prints are custom produced on high-quality Fuji Crystal photographic paper or for all sizes greater than 12x18 inches using a pigment-based inkjet printing process. Prints can be framed (smaller sizes), board mounted or transferred to canvas. Each image is signed by the photographer. To order prints please follow the ordering instructions.

Licensing Images

Over 5000 images are currently available for license. You can search, browse and purchase images every day from Marshall Ikonography on Alamy.

Peter B. Marshall
Last Updated 2018-05-22