Papers and Presentations
A short biographical note for Peter Marshall.
A selection of the papers, presentations and reports that I've written or co-written (in reverse chronological order): (Unfortunately many of these were on CANARIE servers that no longer exist. I'm currently working on getting local copies, but there's still many broken links below.)
  1. CineGrid: The Research Network Perspective was was presented at the First Annual CineGrid International Workshop in San Diego, California. There's even a (RealVideo) video of the presentation on the CineGrid site: 2006-12-17
  2. Photo credit: From Seattle, McGill music professor Gordon Foote jams with McGill students in Montreal via the internet in the McGill Daily: 2006-01-09
  3. The Road Forward to Virtual Two-Way Video Concerts was published in Decima's Telemanagement (ISSN 1712-6738) on p16 of the October 2005 issue. The introduction to this article and its impetus was Telemanagement's editor, John Riddell. Here's a penultimate draft of the article, but I'd urge you to read the whole issue (cover price is $75!): 2005-10-14
  4. Welcome a photograph of a sign on a fence in Hopetown was published as the masthead photograph for the February 2005 issue of the on-line journal KMDiary: 2005-02-14.
  5. Chickadee Tapestry a photograph of a chickadee with a backdrop of newly fallen snow was published as the masthead photograph for the March 2005 issue of the on-line journal KMDiary: 2005-03-15.
  6. CA*net4, the Arts and Collaboration (IE-only) was presented at an ORION-sponsored Advanced Networks Workshop at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD): 2005-01-24
  7. Miss Lilly's Last Day which was published in Canadian Camera, Winter 2004, is the story behind a photograph that won the 2003 People's Choice Award at Ottawa's RA Photo Club. A version of the article also appeared in the RA Photo Club's October 2003 Newsletter on page 4. I've also archived on this web site a HTML version of the story Miss Lilly's Last Day: 2004-01-12
  8. Broadband Video Conferencing and Collaborative Technologies (pdf) is a background paper for two consultative workshops on future CANARIE funding held in April 2003 (Vancouver) and May 2003 (Toronto): (updated) 2003-07-10
  9. Photo credit (p5) as part of helping patients be heard, an article describing the McGill University work on using DV over IP technology that they've developed to improve remote interpreting for deaf patients: 2003-03-20
  10. Applications using Canadian Advanced Networks as presented at the Broadband Networks 2002 conference held in Kingston: 2002-10-23
  11. Internet-based Video Conferencing: What's Happening out There? -- an overview of video conferencing technologies and activities in Canada and around the world as well as an introduction to the emerging H.323 world dialing plan. Presented at the inaugural meeting of the Video Conference/Streaming Applications Work Group of the BCNET Applications Advisory Committee in Vancouver, BC: 2002-07-09
  12. CA*net3 Video Conferencing Applications as presented to the visiting delegation from the German research and educations network, DFN. Delivered at a meeting in Ottawa: 2002-03-01
  13. NENE from Canada as presented at the Canadian hosted NENE (New Educational Networking Exchanges -- a Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile information exchange project) virtual H.323-mediated meeting. From Ottawa, Canada via H.323: 2001-05-23
  14. Advanced Internet Connectivity and Applications in PEI as presented as part of the 2001 PEI Information Technology week. This was part of the second full CA*net3 Day presentation in Charlottetown, PEI: 2001-05-09
  15. Introduction to CANARIE and ANAST as presented at the orientation meeting for the partners in the inSite project that is working on an ANAST funding. A mini-CA*net3 day in Calgary, Canada: 2001-02-20
  16. CA*net3 and Video Applications as presented at the project working meeting that preceeded CANARIE's 1st Canadian National E-Learning Workshop in Toronto, Canada: 2000-10-02
  17. A presentation outlining the current status and future directions of the research and education networks in Canada which was part of the HREF="">Next-Generation Internet Research Projects: What's New, What's Next and What Works? Super Panel at INet2000 in Yokohama, Japan: 2000-07-20
  18. A presentation Live and On-Demand Video on CA*net3 which, along with demonstrations, was part of the Digital Audio & Video Applications on Advanced Research and Education Networks panel at INet2000 in Yokohama, Japan: 2000-07-20
  19. A short presentation to the CA*net3 Policy Committee on Organizing CA*net3 Days as a network awareness tool: 2000-07-27
  20. A presentation describing CA*net3, some of its applications and the barriers to using it as presented to the emerging Western Canadian Children's Cardiac Health Network at their workshop in Vancouver: 2000-06-26
  21. A presentation describing High-Speed Applications on CA*net3 including funding opportunities and barriers at CANARIE prepared for the RISQ 2000 Conference: 2000-05-31
  22. A presentation summarizing CANARIE Audio/Video Projects prepared for CANARIE's 5th Annual Advanced Networks Workshop: 1999-12-01
  23. Final Report Guidelines for the Advanced Networking Applications (ANA) 97-98. Translated into French as Lignes Directrices Concernant Le Rapport Final pour les Applications de réseau de pointe (ARP) 1997 - 1998: 1999-03-30
  24. A presentation summarizing the CANARIE video projects given at the Internet2 Digital Video Initiative Steering Committee meeting/workshop in Chapel Hill, NC: 1999-01-27
  25. A summary and demonstration of the CA*net2 video-on-demand system presented at CANARIE's : 1998-12-16
  26. >School Satellite Caching Pilot presented at the SchoolNet Advisory Board meeting in Ottawa: 1998-11-27
  27. A summary of the current Advanced Networks Applications (ANA) projects presented at the bi-annual Internet 2 Workshop in San Francisco: 1998-09-28
  28. Design of the CA*net II/III Caching Hierarchy: 1998-07-28 (draft)
  29. Caching Setup Notes -- setting up a squid-based cache server: 1998-06-24 (draft)
  30. >A Video Server Architecture for CA*net II presented at RISQ'98 in Montreal: 1998-05-26
  31. CA*net II Caching Project presented at Net'98 in Whistler BC: 1998-05-12
  32. CA*net II Video Server Project presented at Net'98 in Whistler BC: 1998-05-12
  33. A Canadian Caching Hierarchy presented at the CA*net II Technical meeting in Whistler BC: 1998-05-13
  34. Research & Instructional Support Group 1998/99 Planning Submission: 1997-10-27
  35. Recommendations Re: Mass Mailing: 1997-10-09
  36. Enhancing your Course using Technology presented at the Fall 1997 Perspectives on Teaching at UWO: 1997-09-01
  37. Commentary on and Recommendations about The Canadian Computational Collaboratory for the Arts, Sciences and Engineering Proposal/Implementation Plan: 1997-08-07
  38. Bridging the Gap: Introducing Teaching Technology to the Majority
    Draft abstract, accepted for SIGUCCS'97: 1997-07-22
  39. Using the Web for Multiple-Choice Practice Exams at the UWO Educational Development Office's (EDO's) Spring Perspectives on Teaching: 1997-04-23
  40. Instructional Applications at UWO a presentation to the Provost's Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning: 1997-04-28
  41. ITS Systems Charging a presentation to SUCNS: 1997-04-09
  42. Comments on the Chargeable Services Draft Proposal 1997-02-05
    The original proposal: Draft ITS Chargeable Services Model: 1997
  43. SIGUCCS 24 Conference Report: 1996-10-22
  44. UWO Network Liaisons and Network Installation Processes: Presentation to the Senior Director: 1995-10-05
  45. Report from the ITS Web Support Group: 1996-09-12
  46. Interim Report of the Mail Replacement Group: 1996-08-27
  47. Policy for the World Wide Web at The University of Western Ontario: 1996-06-05
  48. ITS Research and Instructional Support -- group description: 1996-05-26
  49. The Electronic Mail Service at UWO: 1996-03-26
  50. Central Software and Applications Group Report: 1996-03-15
  51. The Web at UWO -- A Report to the ITS Senior Director: 1995-10-15
  52. UWO Network Services Architecture: 1995-08-18
  53. The Network Services Web: Providing the Connections - group description: 1995-07-31
  54. Student Computing Connectivity and Access Team Report: 1995-05-01
  55. Guide for UWO Web Information Providers: 1995-04-15 (Continuously updated, now much of its content is maintained as the UWO Web Resource Centre.)
  56. Response to Recommendation for an ATM-based Network at UWO: 1994-08-11
  57. Presented WAIS: The Wide Area Information Server or Anonymous What? (1MB PostScript version) at Net'92 (Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John's): 1992-06-03. Brewster Kahle, the inventor of WAIS, wrote a very short review of this paper shortly after it was published.
Offline Presentations
Contact me at the email address below for copies
1996: Web Support Group -- presentation to TUMS (campus system-managers group)
1995-1997: Guest lectures at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science on the campus network, the organization of the campus Web and network security issues.
1994: LARG*net symposium presentation: Building an Information Service.
1994: Organized and lead a full day seminar on Computer and Network Security at UWO for LARG*net. Repeated by invitation at ONIP Symposium: Networking for Health.
1992: Member of the program committee for OUCC/OCUTINA'23 at UWO.
1989: Presented ONet: The First Year at OUCC'20 at the U. of Waterloo.

Peter Marshall
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