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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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A mentor role in the research and development area of a vibrant, socially significant and progressive technology-centred organization. An opportunity to use my skills and experience in recognizing and capitalizing on industry direction, judging the maturity of technologies and my extensive experience of working with and within both large and small organizations.

Background Summary

Professional Experience

Proprietor of Marshall Ikonography,   (2005-present)
Built a large on-line library of stock images and established a small industrial photography practice. Developed automation techniques to speed the processes and manage the high data volumes.
Director of Network Applications, CANARIE Inc.   (1999-2007)
Facilitated the building new applications on Canada's high-speed research and education network. Primarily concentrating the deployment of new audio and video-based broadband applications for the network through encouragement, funding and technical consulting. Developing in-house expertise in digital audio/video editing, indexing and archiving as well as standards-based and pre-standards high-resolution video-conferencing. Member of the ViDe Steering Committee, Internet2 Digital Video steering committee and the BCNET Applications Committee (2002/3).
Special Contributions:
  • Co-managed and provided technical consulting for a successful $8M, 11 project Advanced Network Applications, Technologies and Services (ANAST) funding program.
  • Co-author and co-editor for the ViDe Video Conferencing Cookbook.
  • Established and nurtured a Canada-wide mailing list for video conferencing in the research and education community.
  • Established and nurtured a Canada-wide electronic forum for video conferencing in the research and education community.
  • Organized and chaired the applications streams at CANARIE's annual Advanced Networks Workshops (1999-2002). This included demonstrations of the transmission of high-definition sound and low latency video for music collaboration, remote video interpretation for the deaf, the Access Grid and a new multi-media equipped, room-based collaboration environment.
  • Recognized as Canada's advanced research and education networks applications representative in Europe, Asia and in the US.
  • Provided key technical support for master classes in violin taught via the R&E network using H.323 (Polycom), MPEG2 encoders from Litton and Amnis and McGill University's ultra-video conferencing system. Locations included Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

Advanced Networks Applications Specialist, CANARIE Inc.   (1998-1999)
Research and applications development for digital video capture, high-speed network video servers and the design of a Canada-wide web caching strategy and service. Technical vetting and recommendations for funding advanced networking research and development projects. Project management and collaboration on award winning projects including high-resolution audio and high-definition video. International collaborations especially with the US Internet2 Digital Video Initiative and ViDe.
Special Contributions:
  • Organized the topology of the first world-wide H.323-based Megaconference and won first prize (regional portrayal) for our presentation to the conference, October 1999
  • Chaired the applications stream for CANARIE's Advanced Networking Workshop, November 1999
  • Co-chaired the application stream at the Net'99 conference, June 1999
  • Founded the CA*net3 Applications working group to help foster a sense of community and provide a forum for people to form joint projects that use the emerging high-speed networks
  • Facilitated the establishment of a national working group on virtualized reality, December 1999
  • Co-managed a project to produce a general access video-on-demand server for CA*net2 as well as access to the extensive National Film Board archives via Cinéroute2
  • Set up and managed a prototype Canada-wide web caching service for the CA*net2 network
Manager, Research and Instructional Support, ITS, UWO   (1996-1997)
Organization-wide responsibility for high performance computing support, facilitating the application and evolution of teaching and learning technologies and the development, coordination and management of the UWO Web. Supervise 8 senior computer applications specialists. Report to the Senior Director of ITS. Key player in the ITS management team, overseeing a division of 80 full-time employees.
Special contributions:
  • Defined Web policy, designed and built 3 large web services (2M+ hits/mo, 20,000 pages), established, supported and organized over 125 web information providers. See the UWO Web Resource Centre.
  • Built the nucleus of a UWO Instructional Technology Centre from concept to providing services chosen by over 100 instructors.
  • Responsible for design, building and management of 4 general purpose, multi-media PC teaching labs.
  • Successfully established a Cray and Sun-based high-performance computing service.
  • Researched and recommended an IMAP4 and SMTP-based e-mail system for over 20,000 users.

Team Leader Network Services, ITS (formerly Computer and Communications Services (CCS) and Dept of Administrative Systems), UWO   (1992-1995)
Responsible for the management of a large and explosively growing campus network: Unix, PCs, TCP/IP, Cisco products and ATM switching. Lead five highly skilled network specialists. Reported to the Senior Director of ITS. Co-chair of Computing and Network Services.
Special contributions:
  • Initiated, built and operated a city-wide ATM-based IP network as leader of the LARG*net Connectivity Team.
  • Developed a mission-centered, self-directing and very effective Network Services Team:
    • Established the UWO Network Information & Network Operation Centres.
    • Lead a division-wide team that developed the UWO Network Handbook to help distribute the management of the UWO network to departments.
    • Designed and edited the UWO Network Policies & Procedures Manual that captured current practice for the network and network applications.
  • Expanded Internet services to thousands of new users as team leader of the Student Computing Initiative.
  • Helped revive the divisional newsletter by giving it a continuing Internet focus.
  • Introduced and piloted a successful How do I... document series.
  • Introduced the central Gopher and then Web service to UWO.
  • Established two community computer networks as facilitator and key technical advisor.

Data Network Manager/Communications Coordinator, CCS, UWO   (1986-1992)
  • Chief architect of a high-speed campus IP network. Sold the concept, then built it from a handful of connections to over 1000.
  • Major design, leadership and organizational roles in the launch of ONet (Ontario's first regional Internet provider).
  • Replaced departmental dumb terminals with X-window terminals (NCs).

1978-1986: A wide range of applications, systems and network programming positions at CCS, UWO: PACX, DEC-10, IBM VM/CMS, VAX/VMS, Primos, Datapac, NetNorth.


MSc. (1985), Hon. BSc (1978), Computer Science, University of Western Ontario.

Many technical training seminars, courses and workshops including:

Recent Strategic Papers and Presentations

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